headteacher in suit looking quietly confident
“ We have used the excellent services of SBM for over 6 years. ”

“The bursar provision provides an extremely professional and competent service that we can completely rely on to fulfil all our statutory financial responsibilities. Our visiting bursar is always polite, punctual, friendly and extremely professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

“I would highly recommend SBM Financial Services.”

 – Angela Wheatcroft, Headteacher, Goring CE Primary School

“ Our experience of the SBM bursar service is excellent and I highly recommend them. They are quick to respond to any query, are reliable and informed. They have enabled staff and governers to perform their role regarding school finance, and to a high standard, securing the best outcomes for us in both the long and short term.”

 – Lisa Bradbury, Headteacher, Uffington CE Primary School