headteacher in suit looking quietly confident
“ The service that SBM has provided us with over the past five years is the one single appointment that has had the most significant impact on my work-life balance ”

“[Our bursar] shares the information with my Governors and I that we need, in order to achieve best value for money and to manage the school effectively. My secretary is now able to use her time to carry out her role efficiently and I am able to focus my attention on leading and managing the school.”

Samantha King, Headteacher, St Peter’s Infants School, Alvescot


“ Sue Bremner-Milne’s Bursary Service has transformed our confidence in managing SAP and enabled the governors to have a much clearer picture of the school’s financial position. ”

Sue Widgery and Pat Salisbury, former Headteacher and SAO at East Oxford School