Sue Bremner-Milne – Managing Director

Sue joined the OCC Schools Finance Team in 1991 as their very first Assistant Accountant, taking part in training schools in the use of finance systems as Local Management of Schools was introduced. A year later she became the Accountant for 58 schools in the south area, and then took on the new role of Training Officer, where she worked with Headteachers and Governors around the County.

Sue set up SBM Financial Services in 2002. She is a part qualified accountant, with over 20 years of experience in school finance.

More recently, Sue has acted as a consultant in setting up one of the largest and most successful MATs in Oxfordshire.

She now offers talks and advice on all aspects of academy conversion, with particular focus on financial matters.

Sharon Dillon – Bursar

Part of Oxfordshire County Council’s Schools Finance Team from 1998, Sharon joined SBM Financial Services in November 2004. She is highly experienced in financial work, having worked in the private sector before specialising in school finance.

Theresa Turner – Bursar, Senior Business Manager

Theresa joined SBM Financial Services in May 2005. She has over 25 years of experience in education and finance, and has a joint honours degree in finance and accounting and business management. She worked at the OCC in education, including 2 years within the Schools Finance Support Team, and as a school bursar before joining the SBM team.

Sue Bright – Bursar

Sue has over 20 years experience in schools finance, having worked as an independent bursar to several schools. SBM welcomed Sue to the team in 2009.

Cathy Higgins – Bursar

Cathy has over 20 years experience in education and finance, having worked within both the public and private sector as a Finance Manager.  Her first educational finance role was at a sixth form college, where she was asked to set up the finance function from scratch.

Cathy joined SBM Financial Services in 2009.

Diane Ewart – Bursar

Diane is a fully qualified accountant, who has previously worked in the private sector. As well as school finance support, Diane has worked extensively within an academy environment at SBM Finance, and is highly experienced in this area.

Peter Bremner-Milne – Bursar, Admin and IT Manager

Peter is  AAT qualified at L3, and has been working with SBM Finance as a bursar and manager since 2013. He has successfully undergone training in the PS Financials system. Peter has previously worked in the private sector, and is experienced in IT support.